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Guin Dill

Steve Solomon

Good Dog Animals

is a full service animal company with over 40 years combined industry experience

We take pride in our professional service, experienced trainers and quality animals.

Meet The Owners

Guin Dill

My love for animals drew me into a career in the motion picture industry in 1995.

Spending all my time learning behavior and training with all different animals landed me with a newly established animal company in 1997. With my previous business background I began to help run all the day to day operations for this company. In the 13 years the company build up to be in the top animal companies for films. After leaving in 2009 I was hired to run the largest livestock ranch for motion pictures. When back surgery was needed I had to go under the knife. During recovery I co-founded Good Dog Animals with Steve Solomon. So here we are, same great service with a different name!


Steve Solomon

I’ve been trying to train animals my whole life. I finally achieved professional status  in the early 90’s when I had started training animals for company’s in the movie industry. I have worked with almost every animal company in Hollywood. In my 19 years as a trainer, I picked up the good and thrown out the bad. I have worked with a lot of the productions out there and have been at the forefront of animal trainers. Other animal companies  have given me the wonderful opportunity to be trusted with the lead animal in their films over the years. I now own my own company along with the best partner a person can have, Guin Dill. Now you can come straight to the source,Good Dog Animals.


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