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Animals for Events

Planning an event?

Themed parties, corporate events, birthday parties, animal celebrity meet & greets, expos and much more!

Make your themed party one to remember with live celebrity animals! Sunny the Boa Constrictor from "Matador" and Penelope the Iguana from "Kickin' It" would make great guests at a Tropical Luau. Impress all your cat friends by having Frosty who plays Larry from "Modern Family" and Charlie who plays Monkey from "Maron" join in on the party. You can even kick off your Super Bowl party with animals from "The League."

All of these celebrity animals are great for Expos or Fund Raisers!

Surprise your kid with their favorite Disney animal at their birthday party like Mick who plays Stan on "Dog With A Blog" - a guarantee that they will be the most popular kid in school and you the parent of the year!


Call us for a quote for your upcoming event today!


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