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Listening for sleigh bells...

In the largest snow storm that we have ever had at the ranch; while we shoveled snow off the animals' roofs, we reflected about the past year. Heck, the past decade. Which brings up Modern Family and how it is coming to an end. We couldn't be more grateful to have such great clients and friends for so many years.
Thank you!

AJ & The Queen, Why Women Kill and Perfect Harmony are just a few of the new shows that we had so much fun providing the animals for. From walk and talks on donkeys, to dog stealing scenes with "Teacup" a 80lb doberman.
We can't wait to watch them all!


Everyone in Hollywood seemed to be reflecting this year with all the reboots!
From The L Word to Party Of Five to Punky Brewster.
Also, Mad About You making "Walter" the dog such a HUGE part of their show.

Fingers crossed they ALL get picked up!

Everyone is in Georgia working, we were lucky enough to be in Texas working for The Wilde Bunch with our cats who play "Skidmark" on Fear.
Then headed to Canada for the new Netflix show "The Healing Powers Of Dude"
Murphy stole everyone’s hearts off camera while playing an
emotional support dog named “Dude”on camera.
By the time we finished shooting; 
he was giving emotional support to everyone.
He also had help with his "muttly" crew. 

Some may remember we went to China for "Mulan" last year?

  This year we provided animals for the reshoots. We had a big task to have the horses work with stunts and have precision for all the wire work
It went beautifully, even with the challenges of wind and fires working against us.

Look who is new at the zoo!

Penny Lane, who is always ready to have a good game of tug. She is staring in the Netflix show Grace & Frankie and has everyone enjoying her free spirit and spunky personality.
She can't wait to see Sam and Martin in January when we start back shooting. 

We adopted a lovable hang out "king"
While in Canada, he made his debut on The Healing Powers Of Dude!
He is now with us in the states! As soon as we got home he hit the ground working and loving all the attention he gets from the crew when he is on set.

Maybe you might need him on your next job?

We got an early Christmas present! 
Tango is the newest addition.
What breed is he?
Learn all about him with this catchy tune!

Thank you Modern Family

We didn't just get new
4 legged creatures,
we have hired some new
2 legged creatures
as well!
We are expanding!
So these newbies are learning to be our next set of trainers.
We wish them luck and success!
Keep up the hard work!!

As always we like to give a shout out to our sponsors who we absolutely LOVE and wouldn’t be able do what we do with out them.

Thank you to all our wonderful clients!

Have a Happy Holiday and a wonderful
New Year!

Let's start 2020 off with a bang and make the
next decade filled with animal entertainment!

Keep animals in film!!!

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