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Keeping Your Animals Warm This Winter

Its getting cold out!

Your animals need to stay warm too!!

Winter is here and cold temperatures are coming with! You must take precautions in protecting your pet. Animals with short hair and no undercoat have a hard time staying warm in these conditions. A sweater or jacket will help them be more comfortable and stay warmer. Even if the temperature isn't that cold there is still a wind chill factor. Exposed skin on a dog's nose, paw pads, and ears can quickly freeze and suffer permanent damage.

Under extreme cold conditions its always best to keep your pet inside. If your animal is mostly outside, a shelter to help defend them against the cold, wind, and other weather elements is definitely a must. It should be large enough for them to sit and lay comfortably but still small enough to retain their body heat. The floor should also be covered with something to help keep them warm such as straw or thick burlap.

Its also important to remember to give these outdoor animals extra food and water. Keeping themselves warm uses up more energy then they are used to and burns calories quicker. If the temperature is cold enough to freeze water make sure the water bowl isn't frozen over. Another thing to keep in mind is to use plastic water bowls, their tongues can freeze to metal ones. 

Warm engines are a great place for small animals to get warmth, such as cats or other small wildlife. Give your vehicle a bang on the hood to scare away any little critters that may be taking a brake from the cold.

Just remember if your cold they most likely are too. Keep your fur friends safe!

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