Animals for Film and Television
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April Morley

My 30 year career in the animal business started when I was 10 years old watching my neighbor train German Shepherds for police work. This moment fueled my desire to train anything I could get my hands on.

I followed my passion through school and studied Veterinary Science and Care and Management of Exotic Animals. During this time I was fortunate to work with many different trainers handling elephants, bears, and birds for different mediums.

My first real job as a trainer was with an animal company that provided dogs and cats for 98% of commercial and episodic television.

After taking a break from having children, I was given the opportunity to work with a company specializing in Feature Films. This work became by true passion. During this time I traveled the world working in Austria, Germany, Italy and Canada training dogs for foreign TV and film.

Through the years, all of these wonderful experiences have prepared me for the challenges of todays television industry.

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