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Thomas Maple

I have always had a connection to animals. As a child I brought home many lost baby rabbits that had wondered to far and also birds that have fallen from their nest. After providing them with nourishment and giving them time to grow I would release them to live full happy lives, free to roam the country side that I knew as home. 

I’ve always felt a deeper connection with animals then with humans, for animals are always honest and loving. I grew up surrounded by cows, horses, ponies, ducks, chickens, and pigs. It was only natural when I grew up that I wanted to be a veterinarian to offer help and care to those who had no voice to communicate to with us. Although, not a vet, I maintained my connection with the animal kingdom when I began working for a show in Las Vegas with exotic animals. What started as a kennel job completely evolved into performing, caring, bathing and training of the animals. I eventually became the lead handler for a show that grew to become the biggest attraction that Las Vegas has ever known. Although I cherish the wonderful memories of almost 18 years of commitment to my extended family in Las Vegas, I parted ways to venture out and seek alternate options for a career. Parting ways I focused on the care of my ailing mother for several years until she passed.

Since then, I left Las Vegas and pursued a career with Good Dog Animals. Having known Steve and Guin for several years and visiting the ranch during that time it was a perfect fit.  

Its a wonderful thing to witness the joy and additional love that these animals emit when on set. To see their excitement when they know they are going to be on film for the entire world to see. Not only do they become full of appreciation and filled with purpose but each and every cast and crew member they meet share the same common bond. 

Thus I am here surrounded by a menagerie of beautiful and talented animals as well as people. 

I can’t image a better job in the world, to be able to rescue an animal and then watch them share their love and excitement of working with those who surround them. 

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