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Wishing you all a Happy Holiday!

Wishing you all a Happy Holiday!

At the end of every year we like to reflect on everything that we've accomplished and
to THANK everyone that has helped us at Good Dog Animals to grow year after year.

 Another year has flown by
Been so busy we could die
Let's all cheer "Our busiest year"
 2019, it's a higher gear!

In June, we had a GREAT opportunity to go work in CHINA
Since this was a rare opportunity with the countries restrictions for work; Steve and Guin hopped on the first plane after visas came in! After adjusting to the culture shock, they embraced the amazingly tough experience, getting to train a wide range of animals in the 5 weeks. Steve was even the double to be able to work camels on camera!
The food was AMAZING!!

With the internet and online streaming taking over, we've kept our selves pretty busy. All of our network shows have been doing great! We love growing our relationship on  This Is Us, from Zeke "Louie" and Bean "Audio" (Kate's dogs), to "Clooney" the cat, to the Vietnam scenes. A lot of our animals have gotten screen time on this fantastic show. As always; Super Store is up to crazy animal shenanigans and with Splitting Up Together in its 2nd season, Luci Loo "Grand Mal" is finally in the lime light where she belongs! And, of course; Modern Family and Life In Pieces will always be at the top of our list with Beatrice "Stella" and Daphne "Tank" as the family dogs.

We've also expanded into even more cable television this year. Insecure on HBO in its 3rd season and thriving with all of its awards. Our little pig, Sally Sue "Arthur"  has become her own star on Nickelodeon's Cousins For Life. Keep and eye out for her! And even more to come in 2019! 

A couple new avenues we've explored this year is helping Disney Animation Studios with their artistic training classes with animals. It has been a learning experience for both them and us. Watching them draw and create has been really fascinating. 

We have also really enjoyed building our relationship with Smuggler.
We look forward to many more GREAT experiences with MANY more commercials!

The 50 dogs running down the street is a hard one to beat.

"LG G7 ThinQ - Al Cam: Pet Filter"

We have ended the year with starting our new LARGE Dog Park.
Wait and see what it will be!
Thank you Cousins For Life and      This Is Us for helping to get it started with all of the buildings!
This past year we unfortunately had
to say good bye to
 producer, Leo Clark.
He will be greatly missed.Also the loss of an iconic location, Paramount Ranch.  We are humbled to have had the opportunity of shooting an episode of SMILF there right before the fire.

Who is new to our crew?!

We briefly mentioned her earlier but our little Sally Sue has really turned out to be our newest "BIG STAR".

Cousins For Life Sneak Peek

Our little Noelwho we adopted last Christmas just debuted in a
Meijer Holiday spread.
Big shoot out to her trainer, Jubel!

Meijer Holiday Commercial- Lily

We've also gotten a ourselves couple of "blue eyed beauties".

Meet Sinatra...


... and Bruno.

Both of these guys are quickly winning over our hearts and know that their eyes will win over everyone else too!

We would love to give a quick shout out to our sponsors. 

Thank you to Health Extension for
providing our animals with terrific food  

And to P.L.A.Y. for the highest quality toys!



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